Quality Service

Quality service. At your service. 

Quality Service for your VehicleWhen it comes to quality service, we believe the customer should always come first. Yeah, we know. You’ve heard it before. So have we. But trust us, we mean it. It’s just the kind of company we are.

There are at least two good reasons for this. One, we’re Canadian-owned – which means being nice comes naturally. And two, our business pretty much depends on it. After all, we’re known for taking care of your car on your schedule, not ours.

You probably know that we deliver fast, warranty-approved maintenance that prolongs the life of your vehicle. And if you’re a customer, you already know that you come first when we do it. Now, here’s where we take things just a little bit farther.

When you come into Keizer’s for an oil change, your very own technician will perform a courtesy check on your vehicle. While we’re caring for your car, by topping up fluids and performing other services free of charge.

We’re best known as the oil change specialists, which we’re proud of. But it’s worth mentioning that we perform a wide range of other maintenance services too. These include:

  • Fluid changes: engine oil, transmission, coolant, differential and transfer case
  • Filter replacements: air, cabin air, fuel and emission (PCV)
  • Other products and services: batteries, serpentine belts, emission (PCV) valves, wiper blades, windshield chip repair, headlights/taillights, fuel system cleaning, engine flush, and a variety of preventive care and performance additives