Insurance Industry

Insurance-InformationWhile the Insurance Company may authorize payment for the claim, you, the customer, authorize the actual repairs. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to choose a facility that works closely with the insurance industry to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Respect the wishes of the customer
  • Restore the vehicle to pre-loss condition
  • Protect your investment in your vehicle
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our “mutual customer”

Our relationship with the insurance industry is based on trust and integrity. We strive to offer them uncompromised service, including on-going communication and complete documentation of all claim and repair information.

A strong insurance company relation can only further help in expediting your claim. Our commitment to quality and service has given us the most insurance approved shop designations in HRM.

A strong relationship with Insurance companies for the customer means:

  • A safe quality repair;
  • Controlled premiums through managing damage costs;
  • Quicker turn around time on your vehicle;
  • Lifetime warranty; and,
  • Quicker authorization of your claim.