Wheel Alignment

Adjusting your vehicle’s wheel alignment isn’t brain surgery – but it’s still best left to an expert. Wheel alignment requires specialized equipment and tools, as well as years of experience. Amateur mechanics be warned – this is one for the professionals.

No matter what you drive and where you drive it, all cars and trucks need alignment from time to time. It might feel like an unnecessary extra, but good mechanics will recommend this at various stages of a vehicle’s life.

You should get your wheels aligned every time you buy new tires, or have a rack and pinion steering unit or other steering parts in your vehicle replaced. It’s also a good idea to get them checked about every 30,000 km. This will benefit both the safety and the performance of your vehicle. Also keep in mind that a bump in the road can throw off your vehicle’s alignment. If you are driving in a heavily pot-holed area, pop into a mechanic or alignment shop to have your vehicle tested. Your car will thank you for it.